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The ad-hoc Community Committee Mission Statement


PURPOSE: To foster a sense of community within Weston Place.

1. Community Committee just helps, if asked, to do so, with the set up of a residents idea. (Help includes info on reserving the room, sending out announcements. Community Committee does NOT co-sponsor an event. Special help for using video equipment can be asked of Dan Schwarz)
2. Community Committee may sponsor two super casual events a year. Unless the association has funds to give the Community Committee, residents can be asked to bring their own beverage, or money can be collected  from the willing. (The following have offered contributions..Abramson, Frinks, Shribergs, Schwarz’s,,Stuart, ). Or a general email can go out asking people to sign up for wine or crunchies. The 12th floor cabinets has lots of paper goods. 
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Last Changed:  March 30, 2021 at 5:45 PM

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