Weston Place Condominiums

The Architectural Review Committee is charged to:

(a) Reviewing written requests of any Unit Owner for any architectural approval, where approval by the Association is required under the Declaration, the Bylaws or the Rules and Regulations;

(b) Overseeing the decorating and the maintenance of the Common Elements, Limited Common Elements, outdoor landscaping and building exterior, subject to the budgeting of funds by the Association;

(c) Receiving and reviewing any written complaints from Unit Owners regarding   noncompliance with those provisions of the Declaration, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations that relate to the physical appearance of the Condominium or to physical alterations to the Condominium;

(d) Following receipt of any such complaints, working with the Unit Owners who filed the complaint and those who are the subject of the complaint to resolve any alleged infractions and, if such complaints cannot be resolved between the Unit Owners, to issue a written decision in response to the complaint.

Weston Place Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Membership Criteria

ARC Members need the interest, time, and ability to actively contribute to the committee’s work and to set aside personal design and décor preferences in order to focus on maintaining Weston as an attractive, first-class residential development with Association spaces and common areas offering high quality, up- to-date appearance and functionality.

ARC members must:

  1. Work collaboratively with Board and other committee members, management company representatives, designers, consultants, vendors, and Weston residents.
  2. Work independently to review requests related to the building and common elements and make recommendations to the full ARC.
  3. Attend ARC meetings and work sessions, as well as communicate via email for committee discussions and votes.
  4. Occasionally assist with special ARC projects such as moving or advising on arrangement or location of décor items or furnishings.

Helpful knowledge or experience for ARC members may draw from awareness of:

Approved by the Architectural Review Committee November 5, 2019

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