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The Rules and Regulations Committee Mission Statement


To facilitate harmonious communal living by clarifying the contractual rules, by suggesting amendments or changes to these rules, and by using standard procedures to help resolve disagreements or misunderstanding  concerning the rules. 

In pursuit of this purpose, the Rules and Regulations Committee is responsible for:

(a) Receiving and reviewing any written complaints from Unit Owners regarding noncompliance with any provision of the Declaration and/or Bylaws regulating the use of the Condominium, and any provision of the Rules and Regulations, excepting, in either case, such provisions of such documents that relate to the physical appearance of the Condominium or to physical alterations to the Condominium (which provisions shall be within the jurisdiction of the Architectural Review Committee rather than the Rules and Regulations Committee).

(b) Following receipt of any such complaints, working with the Unit Owners who filed the complaint and those who are the subject of the complaint to resolve any alleged infractions. If such complaints cannot be resolved between the Unit Owners, the Board will be notified to proceed to a resolution.

(c) Maintaining the Rules and Regulations document and recommending to the Board, when it seems necessary, changes to the Rules and Regulations.

Membership on Rules and Regulations Committee:

As appropriate rules and regulations are critical to harmonious living in a condominium environment, Rules and Regulations Committee members must be committed to ensuring that rules are reasonable and can be understood.  The Rules and Regulations Committee needs to ensure that at least some members are familiar with interpretations of rules and with formatting rules language so that rules can be properly enforced.  Committee members may also assist Weston Place residents in their understanding of the purposes of the rules and consequences of any violations, as appropriate.  It may, therefore, be necessary to interview potential committee members regarding any experience they would bring to the committee that would be relevant and helpful.

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