Weston Place Condominiums

Building System Committee

To act as a liaison for the Board of Directors and residents with the Management Company to ensure proper operation and safety of various systems within the building.

To alert the Board of Directors to deficiencies, defects or potential hazards regarding the various building systems and to recommend actions to resolve such conditions.

To periodically review Management Company performance in inspecting and maintaining the building systems and provide feedback to the Board of Directors.

To recommend to the Board of Directors appropriate communications to residents concerning the building systems.


Building Sysytems Committee members must be interested and willing to learn and to see a project through to completion.  

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Last Changed:  May 5, 2021 at 10:00 AM

625 N Segoe Road • 608-238-6746 (Building Manager) • 608-209-6266 (24-hour emergency maintenance)